TV Star Coco Austin Massive Curves on Miami Beach in Tiny Animal Print Bikini

TV Star Coco Austin Massive Curves on Miami Beach in Tiny Animal Print Bikini

Some issues which might be not meant to become tamed, and that includes actuality Television star Coco Austin massive curves.The blonde vixen flaunted her buxom human body currently in an animal print bikini as she pranced all around Miami Seaside.Coco worked on her tan, took a dip in the ocean and lounged while in the surf, all in full see of your cameras.

At any time the exhibitionist, the glamor design savored the eye and also turned her derriere to photographers and grabbed her considerable backside as they snapped away.But as she struck a collection of provocative poses, Coco Austin very small two piece struggled to contain her ample curves, and seemed prefer it might snap on the seams.

The 32-year-old, who is married to Legislation & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T, has been enjoying more time while in the spotlight, since her E! series Ice Loves Coco Austin debuted in June.Coco took to Twitter to let her fans know that the show is back in production and the Miami trip is part of a location shoot.

TV Star Coco on Miami Beach in Bikini

Coco Austin on Miami Beach
Coco Austin on Miami Beach

She tweeted: ‘Miami has nice weather.Perfect day 4 the seaside!I’m down here shooting my show but 1st I need 2 frolick n the sand & catch some rays.’She added: ‘Went 2 the seaside & was mobbed by paparazzi!Currently I gave them a show & labored it inside the water.’

Last season one episode saw the couple renew their wedding vows in a lavish ceremony in Las Vegas.The biggest surprise that emerged on the sequence is that Coco considers herself ‘an old fashioned’ wife and regularly cooks for her husband.Coco, whose real name is Nicole Austin, has also used the collection to showcase her over-the-top style.

BIOGRAPHY of Coco Austin

Coco Austin on Miami Beach
Coco Austin on Miami Beach

Nicole Natalie Marrow (nee Austin)(born March 17, 1979), commonly known as Austin, Coco, Coco Marie Austin, Coco Marie, Coco-T, is an American actress, dancer, glamor model and web personality. She is best known for her marriage to rapper-actor Ice-T.

Austin was born in Gary, Indiana. Her parents were actors who met around the set of Bonanza. She is of Serbian descent.Austin also has a younger sister Kristy Williams and a younger brother. As a smaller child, her brother would mispronounce his sister’s name, saying “Cole Cole” or “Co-co” in place of “Nicole”.

Coco Austin on Miami Beach
Coco Austin on Miami Beach
TV Star Coco Austin
TV Star Coco Austin

Eventually family also began addressing Nicole as Coco. The family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico when she was 10. She grew up as a tomboy, riding quads and playing football.Austin began dancing (jazz, tap and ballet) at 6 years old and was introduced to the stage early by her mother. She was involved in many productions for the Alt Theater in Albuquerque.

At 18, Austin began specializing in swimsuit, lingerie and system modeling. She entered in swimsuit competitions and modeled for calendars, catalogs and videos. At 18, she won the 1998 Miss Ujena contest in Mexico. In 2001, Austin worked for Playboy for six months, working their events and parties in the Playboy Mansion. She appeared in low-budget R-rated films, including Southwest Babes (2001), Desert Rose (2002), and The Dirty Monks.

TV Star Coco Austin

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